Hellgate: London

Hellgate: London

Hellgate: London is a role-playing game developed by Flagship Studios
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Hellgate: London is a role-playing game developed by Flagship Studios. The story in this game tells that humanity has been devastated, and only a handful of men and women who become modern Templars fight against the hordes of monsters that try to destroy the little thing that remains of what we called London. To these warriors the subway stations have become their unique home, and land is now just an apocalyptic battlefield.

This game takes us to a superb scenario for a role-playing game: London devastated by a demoniac attack is debated between its disappearance and its desperate resistance in the shape of human guerrilla. A secret company known as the Templars tries to hit back from the depths of the earth where they have managed to hide. In order to achieve that, they will utilize modern weapons and arcaic magic.

You will discover that Hellgate: London possesses a new perspective in action games, since it combines the depth of the role-playing games and the action of the shooters in a unique way. You will choose a character and fight without stopping in a game in which you will face demons of the underworld as member of one of the different factions in the game.

The best thing is that the gameplay has infinite chances to play it again, since the levels are generated dynamically, just like the objects and some surprising events .
To end up, Hellgate: London has an impressive graphic section that will transport you to a London that seems completely real -many buildings and streets are very recognizable- but a little distorted in a wicked and post-apolitical way.

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